Show or hide profile fields on Workplace profiles

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This article is only applicable to system admins.
The only 4 fields that have to show on Workplace profiles are:
  • Name
  • Position
  • Manager and reports
  • Work Teams
Other than these 4, you can choose which profile fields from Workplace accounts show on people’s profiles. For example, you can choose whether people’s locations are visible on their Workplace profile.
Profile fields can be used for creating auto membership rules for groups.
To choose whether to show or hide a profile field on Workplace profiles:
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click SettingsSettings.
  3. In the Profile fields tab, click Edit profile fields.
  4. Click the 3 dots More to the right of the profile field.
  5. Click either Show Show or Hide Hide.
  6. Click Done at the top of the page.
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