How do I end an incident on Safety Center?

To end a Safety Center incident, click Close Incident from the upper right hand corner of the incident page. You can reopen an incident at any time by clicking Reopen Incident.
Even if a Safety Center incident has ended, employees will still be able to respond to notifications at any time. You can't send new messages unless the incident has been reopened.
Deleting an incident
Once you have closed the incident you can also delete it by clicking Delete Incident. You can only delete incidents that have already been closed. The Safety Operator who deleted the incident and any other Safety Operators assigned to the deleted incident will get an email notification letting them know the incident was deleted and providing them with a recap of incident metrics.
Note: Once an incident has been deleted, this action can't be undone. If a message recipient tries to respond to a message that has been deleted they will see an error message saying that the content cannot be found.
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